Dye-sublimated tackle-twill  =  "SubTwill"

Creation of a hybrid product for apparel decoration.


  SubTwill is an apparel decoration applique product that combines the strengths of dye-sublimation and tackle-twill to cancel out the weaknesses that either product would have if they stood alone.

  • - As it is always a single layer of material it is thin/less bulky than multiple color tackle-twill

  • - Details such as very small text and intricate patterns are possible and much less labor intensive to produce

  • - Special effects like smooth gradients and shadows are simple to reproduce

  • - Almost no color restrictions

  • - Brings sublimation to nearly any post-manufactured garment

  • - The finished design can be heat applied or sewn and when it is sewn it requires less stitches

All of these characteristics make SubTwill a very attractive garment embelishment option especailly for items that utilize the light-weight performance materials that are increasingly popular in team sports apprael (Nike Dri-Fit, Majestic Cool Base, Addidas ). Less bulk and weight means less restriction and distraction for the athlete.


  The equipment needed to produce SubTwill is readily available and despite their learning curves, dye-sublimaiton printers and laser-cutters can be purchased by anyone and support for each process is readily available. The creation of a contour cut dye-sublimated tackle-twill product however, is very unique and my contribution comes from the intriquicies of blending these two light manufacturing techniques into one seemless process. The workflow, from art creation and processing to raw material processing to the steps required to laser contour cut the finished product were crafted by me specifically for a production environment, allowing a production crew to generate a product of consistent quality in an effecient manner.