Digital Assett Management

Creation of a system to organize and retrieve design and production files


  Managing a catalog of digital assets used in the in-house manufacturing of 10 unique products for thousands of retail and wholesale customers is a challenge. The difficulty of this task was compounded by a previously existing system that had loosly developed through the course of around 20 years by a few experienced individuals for a few experienced individuals. Entrenched within this system were two seperate software programs, one used as the database for all of the produciton work-orders and another for the accounting.

  My challenge began with creating a system that could be added to by other art employees, could quickly be linked up to production work-orders, and billing invoices and could be quickly navigated by the numerous employees tasked with writing-up orders or speaking with customers about their orders.


  The backbone of my digital asset management system is a file code. Each and every product being produced for any new order or re-order is given a unique numerical code (15-00270E) and at the latter end of this code are letters that place the design within one of the products that the company offers; E = Embroidery, TT = Tackle-Twill. Additionally the color variations of each design are represented by a "colorway" number. When these design codes are recorded into the production work-orders and billing invoices, a simple search will display all of the past orders utilizing that particular design.

  On the desktop of every office members computer is a shortcut to a networked folder containg all of the art assetts. Each items file name contains their unique design-code and colorway designation saved in a standard .jpeg bitmap file format or .pdf . This allows any non-art employee the ability to access all of the art assets without the need for additional licenses for expensive speciality design software. These images all follow a standard format which places key information in a predictable place for expedited processing.